Social Media Strategist

OK… I’ll admit, I’m a little obsessed with social media! Not only have I given presentations on the subject, but companies call upon me to help create and run media and social media campaigns for their brands. I especially enjoy twitter and Facebook chats…and it shows! Analytics have proven the intense engagement results with some of my twitter chats drawing up to 80 million impressions! My conversation is appealing to clients and media outlets because it is genuine with a voice that speaks with a blend of the latest facts and figures served with a side dish of humor.

Want me to host a twitter chat, FB LIVE or Instagram takeover…let’s connect on social media! It’ll be a mix of fun and facts!

Whether a featured guest, host, co-host, moderator, or participant, my social media chat partners/clients on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, and LinkedIn include:

Alliance for Potato Education & Research

Almond Board of California

Bell Institute of Health & Nutrition

California Avocado Commission

Centers for Disease Control Travel



Everyday Health


General Mills

International Food Information Council

Nestle Waters of North America

Nutrition Entrepreneurs

Sears FitStudio


The Laughing Cow/BabyBel Cheese

US News & World Report

Yahoo Travel

And if you’re looking for me — I’m probably here…so let’s chat: